Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stay tune for more

Happy New Year to all!!!

This is the first post of 2007. But I had tonnes of back logs entry from 2006. I would update them as soon as possible. I had problems accessing the blogger for the past few days. I got so fedup with Internet Explorer and I downloaded firefox to try and "YES" it works. I can access my blogger now. Think it has something to do with my cookies setting. But it is the end of the long holidays I am going to back to work tomorrow.

The long holidays have definitely give me a good time to rest but at the same time making me lazy to go to work. Talking about work, I had a lot of stuff to clear too. Guess I really need to work hard in order to have a long and nice Chinese New Year in Feb 19 (which is the next public holiday).

I had a fun time during this holidays. I received my second parcel for SP (would provide more updates soon). I finished a FO before 2007 *blink blink* I had also make some small little items. I had dug out my Spring Fling to work on it again. My brother is back from Canada and I had my gifts. I received great birthday and Christmas gifts too. AND a lot more to update. I would update them soon. :) Stay tune :P

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