Monday, February 18, 2008


Yeah! Here's my first Finished Object (FO) for the year of 2008 - Redgina (an orangina in red color).

It took me quite a while to complete this lace top due to the size needle size I am using (2.5mm). The yarns used is Jaeger Siena. I got this yarns from my buddy during a craftster swap. :)

A closeup of the lace pattern

The curly scallop neck line
Beside FO, I also have new knitting tools and yarns added to my knitting collection. One of which is new wooden knitting needles - gifts from annie. Thanks you. It would definitely be of great use the next time i went on vacation.I only bought some new yarns. yes yes again.... :p

Yarns for tatting - I hope to pick it up soon.

Japan 2008 Part 3

Let's move on to Tokyo ;)

Narita Express

Farm land
Doesn't this looks like interior of an air plane?
Behind me is Shinjuku Washington Hotel - our hotel for 2 nights
View from the Government Metropolitan Building

The cabbages flower remind me & hb of our wedding ps
Japan Mac - the fries is great, ebi burger is nice too. But I miss the pork burger
Me trying to grab crafts book as hb only give me 30 mins
The wonderful food display
Takashimaya Times Square

Window display for the yr of Rat
A super duper crowded cross junction @ Shibuya - I was asking hb which way should we go
Anyone care to have free hugs?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Japan 2008 Part 2

Here is part 2 pictures taken @ hokkaido.

Snow mushroom?
Otaru Musical box museum - the place that i love most.
me with my snowflake music box
Music boxes
hello kitty cup with coffee and nice butter cake - Regg's recommendation ;)
Along the otaru street
the famous crab sashimi that cost $30 per pax

yummy cheese cake from letao - the cake melts in our mouth
Ishiya chocolate factory is closed but we went there to take some shots outside
The famous kobe beef but NO beef for hb and me
Olympus winter ski venue - the slope is real high I wonder what would happen if someone miss it
Temperature is -7 degrees but it is not one of the coldest day
Sapporo clock tower
Taking pics with sapporo tower
Feel happy after a shopping trip at Daiso
Apple tree along the street
Free flow of beer @ Asashi beer
Raman @ sapporo airport

Monday, February 11, 2008

Japan 2008 Part 1

Hb & I decided to head for a Japan trip this year Jan for about 10 days - 7 days in Hokkaido, 3 days in tokyo. Not really a planned trip nor scheduled trip. So I now need to save money to recover the hole created. However, this trip is definitely one of the trips that hb n I enjoy a lot especially the snowy weather @ hokkaido. :) Would go back one of these days again.

A total of 738 pictures were taken. After looking at the pictures repeatedly, I decided to break them in some little parts and post them here. :) Don't really think I would resize them all and upload all - it would be a bit too much. :p

p/s: The pictures selected are random shots that I like.

Yokoso Japan @ Narita airport
First sight of hokkaido
A frozen lake -those little black/grey spots were actually stones

A view of Ainu village

Dried salmon - taste like rock
@Edo wonderland the famous ninja house
Fortune cat museum
Edo era food for lunch
First dinner @ hokkaido

Dressing in yukata
The depth of the snow is about 10cm?
One of my fave pix taken with snow man

Bears in bear ranch - the bears there are so cute. They would do all kind of actions for APPLEs..
Like the squarish lamp post
Showa Shinzan - an active volcano. Look at the smoke it is emitting
Lake toya - formed by volcano eruption

snow mobile cost us $200 SGD expensive but enjoyable
A beautiful scene along the route of snow mobile
A ice slide @ rusutsu resort - never try to slide down coz a lot of adult got stuck as the slide is make more for kids :p
All covered up really for snow sledding
A night shot @ rusutsu resort - so romantic