Monday, July 21, 2008

It's taller then me

Here are my lacey project after blocking.


This is my second stole after clapotis. I am looking forward to this stole when i first started to CO even when I finish kniting it. I am happy that I had a new stole to use. B........U...........T..........., after blocking the length of the stole stretches to 92". OMG!!!! The stole is even taller den me. Seems like I had to use it as a scarf instead of stole as it is really way too long.


Love the pattern and color. The size did increases after blocking. However, it still looks small on me.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm back

Phew... Finally I am back to blogging. Had been real busy with work recently. 15 days of continuous working and training... At least things start to get back to its normal pace now.

Back to knitting news.. I had completed both lace projects in my last post... Here is a pix of them...

Realize that I had 4 projects that are not yet wash and block. Time to get into action soon... Maybe this weekend... Hmmm....Would post up some pictures again after blocking...

My long await gift to myself is finally here..
Nectar I love all the patterns in this.. had been browsing through again and again. Just cannot decide on which one to CO...Maybe I should finish a few of my WIPs first...