Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Nice Local flavor dinner

r&r organised a nice local flavor dinner for me at satay club at Sembawang before my 2006 birthday. Thank you so much. The food were nice despite that there were long queue.

This is the first time i tried kado kado. It is something like rojak a mixture of vegetables, beans, crackers, bean curd etc and with satay smell on top.

Malay fried noodles - This was nice. It was more of spicy as compare to some other stall which were sweet.

These are barbecue sticks of chicken, beef or lamb meat. Come along with satay sauce to dip in.

Besides all these, we ordered fried rice as well but not pictures for it. As by the time all the food were here we were too hungry.

After that we also headed to another stall for tea tarik ( tea with milk).

Thank you.


Bee said...


R a i n said...

Wow all the stuff looks great!! So its your bday soon?

bluey said...

it was last year birthday. Kekek. I had alot of back-log trying to clear them.

Lily said...

Kado Kado? I thought it is suppose to be Gado Gado. Yummy. I miss Gado Gado

bluey said...

sorry wrong spelling. :)