Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another one....

Opps, my last post was more than a month ago. Time really flies. Since I started my new job, Life is hectic and it is going to be more hectic soon. More tasks and more responsibilities but that doesn't really equate to my salary :(. I still had alot of back dated post to update especially on my Japan Part 4 and 5. I had selected the pixs but not yet uploaded them. I would do it soon *kicking my own a** to update...

I had been knitting hard to complete my WIPs from last year. Here is another one that I completed. It was completed knitting quite a while ago but lazy me did not sew the rubber band for it. Hence recently, I decided to crochet the trim instead of sewing the rubber band.

Pink tube (modified from a Japanese pattern)
Yarns used: Miami

bottom lace panel
crochet trim

I had also knitted a simple ribbed hp cozy for hb as his current plastic hp casing keeps cracking.

Black HP Cozy
Yarns used: Some acrylic yarn given by my MIL

Here are the HPs chains that I had made as gifts for my ex-colleagues.