Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cheer Bear

After taking the care bear test, the result is that I am a cheer bear.

Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who helps others see the bright side of life. She will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier. Wherever she goes, Cheer Bear wears a symbol of hope and happiness—a rainbow.

Caring Mission: Cheers people up.
Symbol: Her rainbow symbol represents hope.
Personality: Happy and upbeat.
Character Quirk: Sometimes communicates through rhyming cheers.
Color: Pink.
Best Friend: Wish Bear
Relationship Challenge: Grumpy Bear - she's always trying to cheer him up!
Motto: When in doubt, SMILE!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why 30 July?

I had been putting the personal message waiting for 30 July for my MSN nick for the past one week. Everyone had been asking me why30 July. What is so special abt that day?

Is it your anniversary? Are you going for a holiday? Are you changing a new job?
Of coz the answer is No.

So y 30 Jul, firstly the date marked the end of a home alone week. My HB is out of country for a week and he would be back on 30 Jul.

Secondly, I would at least get a few items frm my shopping list but not all.

Lastly, I would have more titbits for me to munch on.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Consequences of a demanding act

As usual I requested to ask my hb to watch the movie "Pirates of the Carribeans" yesterday. Being my usual self I kept on persuading my hb to bring to watch despite that he was busy. He gave in n booked the tickets online. Yeah so we went ahead with the movie at 8.30pm Yishun GV. However we only left home after 8.15pm coz hb was really really busy.

Upon reaching Yishun, we went to the GV carpark. There isn't a single lot and there were quite a no. of cars waiting. As we were late for the movie (it already 8.40pm by then), hb was frustrated abt it. When we r leaving the carpark, we discovered tat our cashcard r not scanned n cannot be used. Pressing the intercom button did not help at all. So I decided to walk to the entrance gantry to insert our cashcard to get it scan. It works we manage to get out of the carpark.

Guess what our car mount the kerb when we were exiting for the carpark and there isn't a heavy bump beneath the car. I really feel so upset abt it. Wishing n hoping that there isn't any serious dents. We proceed to Northpoint to park our car instead. Easily we manage to feel a lot. While we are trying to look the car, we discovered that the key lock cannot be use. I m so upset n guilty abt it. If i could watch it another day or if i nvr wan to watch the movie the lock would not be spoilt.

Throughout the movie, hb is not really happy despite tat it is a comedy show. Guess he is thinking of his work ba.

Dear dear i m really veri sorry abt it. I would try to be more accomdating n would nt be so demanding.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Long long wait

After a long long wait, 1 and half year, my company finally come out with a retreat in place of a dinner & dance. We are heading to bintan for the retreat. Staff are FOC but spouse would need to pay $100 which is quite worth it coz it includes all the meals as well.. In addition, we have a day off for the retreat.. yippee

On 7 -Jul, we departed from tanah merah ferry terminal early in the morning. The journey lasts abt 45 min. luckily not any longer if not i would throw out for sure. Finally we reach the ferry terminal at bintan.

The weather there is super super hot. There isn't any big tree in sight. Upon reaching the Nirwana Bintan Resort, we were welcome by a dance with complimentary welcome drink. After that it is f&e time, where we try to explore the resort ourselves. Nothing really interested me except the spa but the price is OMG better keep the money for BKK massage. The only thing nice is definitely the beaches with clear water.

Activity of the day is to visit pasar ole ole. Well the verdict to visit the place is "2/10" go only if u wan to get some cheap beer. The place had lesser than 20 stops and the price isn't cheap at all. Imagine 1 top is already 30+ SGD. Looking at the sign "Thank You come back again", I told hb tat i would nvr come back again unless the trip is free.

The food there is quite ok. taste like singapore style. Opps i forget to take pixs of the food.

After 2 days n 1 nite of sleeping n eating, we were back to sg again.

Overall, bintan is a nice place to simply relax n do nothing or some water sport only if u have the spare money. But mostly probably i would not be goin back again coz hb n me still prefers shopping, sightseeing.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Near the finishing line


Finally goin to finish my first lace tube after 1 month+ of knitting. It is only left wif the seam portion. Hopefully i can completed it. Here is a preview of it.

Having a new fridge...

Having a new fridge is a fun n easy job only when :
- Your house totally do not have a fridge
- Your current fridge do not have any thing at all.

While for me it doesn't fall into any of the categories. I had a 90% full fridge at home. So when my fridge breaks down, changing a new fridge isn't something fun to do. Firstly, we had to decide on a fridge once we went to BEST Denki to take a look. Secondly, I need to wake up early in the morning to clear the items in the fridge and make an early trip to my mum place for my frozen. In addition, I have to clean and learn how to use the fridge. Last but not least, I need to invest money to fill up my fridge to 90% full.

Presently pixs of my new fridge with all my magnets including my favourite Ah pooh from hong kong disneyland...