Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quite some time

It had seems quite some time since I last blogged about my knitting/crocheting process. But I am still into knitting/crocheting just that the progress is very slow. I would try to post something about them soon.
Here is one of my WIPs.

I was nominated by Regg for the Rockin' Girl blogger. This really makes me motivated to update my blog more often. Thanks gal.

Without further delay, I shall nominate 5 other gals whom I enjoy reading their blog. *It is so hard to nominate just 5 gals. There are some many nice blogs out there.*

(1) Earin - My SP9, I enjoy reading her blog on california, her sewing, her pets, her knitting projects and of cos her Friday candy.

(2) Doreen - She has great crocheted FOs.

(3) Doris - She has blog entries on her FOs as well as her lovely bb.

(4) Jennifer - my swap partner, she has great spinning skills.

(5) Mira - her blog is fill with nice yarns and FOs too.

May you had a great time reading their blog!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you gal Thank you

Yes I am crazy about donuts. I love donuts even before the craze is happening in singapore. Especially donuts. I miss out KrispyKreme donuts when I was in HK. But guess what, R bought some back for me. Thank you gal thank you thank you. *Very happy and touched when eating the donut*
The donuts are not as sweet as those from donut factory.

Of course I had more gifts too & some titbits.Thanks you.

A lovely bag and some cute stickers

Friday, August 03, 2007

My little toy

After 1 year plus , I finally decide to go ahead to purchase my little toy - Nintendo DS lite. It is a gift from my hb. Thanks you dear.

Have been pondering over whether to get DS lite or PSP (When we reached the store, it was fully packed the counter was full with people asking for prices or viewing the game console). I decide on DS lite as I like the outlook of it and the games that it had. Love the interaction using the stylus.
Thus I had less time for knitting now. ;)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Needle case

I had created one needle case for my craftster swap partner. It was my first time trying to hand stitch the needle case. Hope she likes it.

Materials used:
- 1 piece of cloths
- ribbons and laces
- thread and needles

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


For once, I felt that my WIPs and stash are in a big mess. Feel so messy. There are too many WIPs. I wish to have ten pairs of hands that can work on all the projects at the same time. I think I had to work out a plan or two to sort them and finish them asap coz my to-cast-on list keeps on growing. I also need to sort out a to-cast-on list which are those that I want or need to do fast.

Beside that my stash (both books and yarns) seems to be messy too. I lost track of the yarns count (think should be ard 350). I need to conduct a stock take soon. Hehe.

I would also have to do some christmas knitting and some christmas handicrafts soon. :)