Monday, June 26, 2006

3rd year old (24-Jun-2006)

ROM for 3 yrs liao... time really flies....there are ups n downs during all these yrs n each events actually made me feel closer to my hb n try to be more understanding....

I have been planning hard to celebrate this occasion but guess wat hb needs to work n he works till 10+pm. :( nvm at least we still have a nice steamboat - those charcoal kind dinner at the coffee shop nearby.

Here is my suprise gift (note the big difference btw the ideal one n my one - mine looks so orbit but tat the best i can do liao... dear paiseh hor :P) . Here is "Wang wang" the little puppy. I had been spending a long time trying to do this little puppy(coz the instruction is in Thai) n it took me 1 hour to sew one leg the first time round.

This is the one that i did.
This is the ideal one.

This is cool....

Isn't this cool?

This model is done by my bro n his frends using tiger beer can n bottles. It is done for a design competition organised by NLB and tiger beer. So proud of them they manage to work out a nice n practical design using can n bottles and of coz it fits into the "Come together" theme as well. Most importantly, they got the 1st prize. On top of that, my mum won $20 voucher for "Guess the winning team" competition.

Here are some other art pieces done by other competitors.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Homecook dinner

Lazy for 1 month, i decided to cook dinner at home today.

Menu for the night:
Mixed vegatable with sotong n prawns
Steam prawns
Corns, carrort and fishball soup

Yummy yummy.... luckily we still manage to finish all of them.... hahahhah

World Cup

All our customer service officers are currently not available. Kindly give us a email @ xxxxxx or fax to us @ xxxxxxxx

This is what we had been encountering the whole saturday. Hb finally decide to subscribe world cup altough a bit late liao. Finally at 1am sunday, we manage somehow to use the phone system to subscribe. But we wait n wait but still dun have.

Till 6pm today we call the hotline again, finally there is a customer service officer now. At last world cup is showing on channel 27 now. :)

Madly in love with knitting

For the past one month, i have been spending most of my time n money on Knitting. My hb was saying that all i know was knit n knit n knit.... :P Thk i would start to work on his vest after I had completed my brother sweater ba.. (Dear, pls wait for a while hor)

Here are the pixs of the new items that I got.
RY Luxury Cotton yarn (went to GD to exchange) I love this becoz of the two tones of white that it has. Planning to knit honeymoon cami using it but discover the instructions r to knitting in round. SO IT WOULD BE PUT ON HOLD.

(Knitting design, I fall in love with this book when i start to flip thru simply love the design, u know wat i cost me $40+ even after 20% frm Kino)

Catania green yarn, i bought this frm Emy. Nice color yarn initially i do not like this color based on the yarn card but after some advise i decide to get it to do a cable tank top. Hopefully some I would start to work on it.

Complimentary book n magazine frm hb (Thanks dear)

Getting a crochet book means that i would be starting to learn crochet too soon but when????

Great Singapore Sale

Shopping time!!!

Every year this time everywhere is having sales. On sat 10 Jun, as usual orchard is packed with pple in the afternoon. But the crowd would reduce once the clock strikes 8pm coz it is time to go home for world cup 2006. So ladies out there, best time to shop at orchard is 8pm onward. :P

Here are the stuff that I bought but exclude my knitting stuff... ;)

Not alot rite but i need to control my money coz i m spending a lot on my new hobby liao.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes, I did it

After 2+ yrs, I finally finally got my driving licence yesterday (1-June 2006). I managed to pass my practical test after 2 attempts, really cannot believe it coz the tester would saying this and that and my parallel parking.OMG!!

Anyway, i m so happy... now i can drive hb's car liao but i think i would still prefer to be a passenger. Isn't it nice to just shake legs n listen to the radio or even reading magazine or knit my stuff?? :p