Thursday, May 24, 2007

A magical Day

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Day 3 of Hong Kong trip - A day to the Magical land

Yes it was the day that we went to Disneyland HongKong. Despite all the rants that I heard about it, I still insisted that we should go to it to take a look and to satisfy my dreams of visiting Disneyland since young.

To beat the weekend crowds, we visited it on a Monday thinking that they would be lesser people. But we are wrong. There are still tonnes of people there.

We took MTR from TST to Sunny Bay and took the disney train to disneyland. Almost everything in the train had a mickey mouse shape. The handle, the window etc. But the seat did not had any mickey mouse.

There wasn't a lot of adventurous rides at this disneyland. A lot of shops and photo taking with disney characters. There are a no. of shows too. The MUST see in disneyland is definitely the fireworks at the end of the day. It is so nice and romantic. I want to see again.

I took a few hundred pictures in disneyland. Here are some that I selected.

Sunny bay station

Disneyland line

Disney train

minnie mouse figurine
another disney figurine
Mickey and the whale fountain
Disneyland entrance


Sleeping Beauty's castle

Chip or Dale??

Entrance of Winnie the Pooh adventure

Golden Mickey Performance

Lunch at Disneyland

My Favorite Winnie

Big Mickey Float

Winnie and friend display set $4680 HKD.....

The day ended with a fantastic fireworks

Now I am going to sort my Day 4 pictures. There are a dozens of backlog. OMG!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I want to join! I want to join!

I want to join this contest. *crossing fingers* Hope I can win that lovely yarns the lovely color and of coz the super lovely pattern as well.

Here's a list of my summer knitting goals.
(1) To complete my Diamond Fantasy Shawl
(2) To complete my Bolero
(3) To finish at least one side of my redgina
(4) To start my clapotis
(5) To complete my socks

That's all I think. Hopefully I can finished them.

Oh ya, if anyone keen in joining the contest, you can find it at and remember to mention my blog as I would earn another entry.

Thanks ;)

Friday, May 11, 2007

5 days

Yes that is the duration that I am given to knit a shawl or scarf for my relative (tasked by my mum).

I am still thinking whether i should start knitting on or rather tell my mum that I cannot finish on time. How how!!!

shawl or scarf? scarf or shawl?

what color? what yarn? I think wool should be ok. But should i ahead to CO? What if i cannot finish on time? *pass to them next year* *grin*

Think i need to think through first but time is really ticking. I already had 10 WIPs..... *faint*

*Thanks gals for all the comments and feedbacks. However before I can decide, the relative changes their schedule. They reach here on the last Sunday. Hence I decided not to do it this time round. Maybe next time when i visit them. :) *

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bed Shrug

I guess it is really time for some updates. Yes I am still rushing with my work. Deadline is very tight with more changes and defects coming in *crossing my fingers that everything will go fine* I really had no time to update my HK trip day 3. I took too many pixs in the disneyland. Hopefully after this week I would have more time to do so.

While I am working today(yes it is 1st May but I got a deadline tml), I suddenly think of my SP9, I guess the last parcel really got lost :(. But I am still hoping or rather holding on to the slim chance that somehow it would arrive.

Presenting another FOs, it is bed shrug fromInterweave knits website. This is the second KAL that I done with my knitting pals. It is a simple and pleasant knit. I don't need to worry about the shaping etc. All i need to do is just knit to the length i desired. I had also crochet the edges to prevent them from curling up.

Yarns used : Catania
No. of balls used: 3.5 balls
Needles size used: 3.25mm knitting needles and crochet hook
Duration: 3 weeks+

* Opps.. the pixs really looks a bit too dark...