Monday, September 18, 2006

A half happy monday

Y a half happy monday? Because I took a half day off-in-lieu today (when taking this off-in-lieu, I am actually amazed by boss's email on my justifications on this half day, coz it is already stated on my leave application system that i had an outstanding of half day off-in-lieu).

Time really flies especially when u r not working. I spend 2 hours shopping in taka today. So happy. Despite that it is a working monday, the store is still crowded. Y is everyone so free? haiz...I feeling down this 2 weeks juz feeling low in spirit. Work seems to lost its direction. Maybe i should lay down and execute my plan. :)

I spent most of the 2 hours at kino looking at the new knitting books and magazines and also the new arrival books c if there is any interesting book. I also looking for a nice organiser for a fresh new 2007. I also bought some products frm Haba to try out. Keeping fit and stay radiant is part of my plan too.

Oh, the thing that I dislike most out of my half day is the interview. I simply went there with an atitude of see see look look. But guess what the interviewers are late for 30 mins, shouldn't they be time conscious too. Waste my time. In addition, I had to explain what I had been doing for the past 1 and half year to them with them doubting what I say."From my understanding, it is not like this and that", C'mon lah I am the one doing the actual work. They simply think tat i am juz having a lala life there (how i wish). I also need to draw out examples and explain to them on the flow and architecture. Really make me feel like being a lecturer giving tutorial *faint*

OG card

The annual event to have the OG card has begun. In order to get the card, shoppers need to purchase $75 for a card. Hence, hubby n I had dropped by after praying at "si ma lu" on sat (16-sep).

We had spent almost 2 hours there walking and scanning every bit of the departmental store before we managed to get a purchase of $80+. *So tired*

New tops for me and new pants n socks for hb

Some table cloth for our home

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Stash

My stash has been growing tremendously over the past few months.

As of a count today, I had 134 brand new balls of yarns. I haven't go n break down into the total length and weight. *grin*

Here are some members of the stash.

A short Getaway

I had been away from 10-Sept to 12-Sept. This time round it is a short getaway from singapore to Genting Highlands. Yeah it is gambling time. (well it is definitely a bit boring when I realise tat we r goin to eat, gamble and sleep for the whole trip *faint*). It is definitely a nice trip coz this is the first time round in maybe 5-6 years i went with a trip together with my parents.

Iternary of the trip: Eat, Gamble, Sleep and a little bit of shopping for me ;)

Our bus.
Nice & comfortable

First world hotel : First time we are going to stay in this hotel. Well it is definitely not those nice hotel. It is just a OK hotel.

The food at the restaurant are definitely yummy. Nice nice... The pricing are pretty alright too. Never manage to take pixs of the food. *Sigh*

Here are my shopping results. Two pairs of shoes.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crochet Vs Knitting

Hehehe I have casted on another project and this time round, it's a crochet project - a shrug. Hohoho. It's my first real encounter with crochet. It is 50% different from knitting because it only uses 1 needle as compare to 2 needles used in knitting. The way to hold the needle and the stitches are also different. Luckily so far so good. *LOL*

Yarns used :

This is so far the most expensive yarn that I got.


Thank you Card - This is the first thank you card I ever received. Looks pretty nice n special. Well I think I am more of suprised rather than feeling happy. This card is received from 2 new staff who are supposed to replace me and my colleagues. Hahaha frankly speaking I m not in very good terms with them coz I dun like their attitude. Nevertheless I still like to thank them for this nice little card.

Hand made Stitch Markers - These are given to me by my knitting buddy. They are just too sweet to be used as stitch markers. Thanks gal.