Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is the list of craft FOs since 2006.

Redgina - a version of orangina
Pink tube
Black Clapotis
Purple scarf
Danica Scarf
Cropped Raglan Cardi
Poseidon Socks
Montego Bay Shawl
Kusha Kusha Scarf
Hubby Sock

Spring Fling from knitty
Purple clutch for swap
Hand phone Pouch
Bedroom Shrug from IK website
Brown Knitted bag for friend's birthday
Diamond Fantasy shawl
DPN needle case for swap
Lace Head band
Knitted Cup cakes
Blue socks
Corsages for friend's wedding
Midwest Moonlight Scarf
Stripped Top Up socks
Traditional Wedding Dolls as wedding gifts
Crochet Shrug

Rusted Root
Pink OSW
Pink lace tube
Swallow Tail Shawl
Brother's sweater
Precious moments cross stitch - Wedding Gift for Mr and Mrs Hun
Wang Wang - The little Puppy
Icarus Shawl
Cuff links
Oriental Stitch markers
Bead Earrings n etc