Saturday, January 27, 2007

Last FO of 2006

I finished my Icarus finally in 2006. However I just block it recently. It took me quite some time to block it because of its size.

Pattern: IK summer 2006
Yarn(s) used: JaggerSpun Zephyer - 4 Oz (with a quarter of less leftover)
Needle size: 3.25mm
Time taken: months ( I can't remember how long it took but it took month)
Take its bath

Pinning up

the shawl around me

The shawl folded into half

Second SP Parcel

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I had received my SP parcel.

Yeah I received my second SP parcel before 2007. This parcel did not fail to brighten my day. I consists of a book, a chocolate, two skeins of lace weight yarn and a snowman figurine.

The parcel got injured on its way here. Luckily the things are still intact.

A family photo of the items :)

The card with the snow man. My fave christmas character.

My first german Christmas card

A german flavour chocolate which my hb finished all

The lovely lace weight yarn

A book on sexy little knits. I had shortlisted some projects again. But I had not idea when I would start those projects. ;)

Thanks pal. I love this parcel. I am waiting patiently for my final parcel now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time to do some planning

Although it is going to be mid of Jan 2007, I think it is still not too late to make some planning for the rest of the eleven months in 2007.

Similarly we are going to attending quite a number of wedding dinners this year and most importantly a number of them are our close friends. Congratulations and best wishes to all!! I would need to start to save money liao and also plan about my career.

Wishes for 2007
- Everyone is happy my family members as well as my friends
- Strike lottery. :)

I also hope that I would be spending more quality time with my family members and friends.

As for crafts, I had a lot of items on my to-do list.
But the top 10 items on my to-do list are:
- A simple bag for my friend's birthday
- Diamond Fantasy Shawl
- Lotus Bossom tank
- Hb's vest
- Clapotis
- Mum's shrug/cardigan
- Ruffles bag
- Complete my green tank top
- Complete my crochet shrug
- leaf-T

I had took out 3 ball of different to start on my projects. :)

Besides knitting/crochet, I also do other crafts like jewellery as well. On top, I am trying to pick up clay now. Well I just simply love to do pick up new skills for crafts. Yeah!

As for family planning (which a lot of friends and relatives are asking me), just let it takes its own course. :)

A Nice Local flavor dinner

r&r organised a nice local flavor dinner for me at satay club at Sembawang before my 2006 birthday. Thank you so much. The food were nice despite that there were long queue.

This is the first time i tried kado kado. It is something like rojak a mixture of vegetables, beans, crackers, bean curd etc and with satay smell on top.

Malay fried noodles - This was nice. It was more of spicy as compare to some other stall which were sweet.

These are barbecue sticks of chicken, beef or lamb meat. Come along with satay sauce to dip in.

Besides all these, we ordered fried rice as well but not pictures for it. As by the time all the food were here we were too hungry.

After that we also headed to another stall for tea tarik ( tea with milk).

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stay tune for more

Happy New Year to all!!!

This is the first post of 2007. But I had tonnes of back logs entry from 2006. I would update them as soon as possible. I had problems accessing the blogger for the past few days. I got so fedup with Internet Explorer and I downloaded firefox to try and "YES" it works. I can access my blogger now. Think it has something to do with my cookies setting. But it is the end of the long holidays I am going to back to work tomorrow.

The long holidays have definitely give me a good time to rest but at the same time making me lazy to go to work. Talking about work, I had a lot of stuff to clear too. Guess I really need to work hard in order to have a long and nice Chinese New Year in Feb 19 (which is the next public holiday).

I had a fun time during this holidays. I received my second parcel for SP (would provide more updates soon). I finished a FO before 2007 *blink blink* I had also make some small little items. I had dug out my Spring Fling to work on it again. My brother is back from Canada and I had my gifts. I received great birthday and Christmas gifts too. AND a lot more to update. I would update them soon. :) Stay tune :P