Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Crochet FO

Crochet was never my cup of tea. Maybe because I am a left handed and had to read the instructions in a reversed direction.

But being a knitter, I thought i should try out crochet. I started this FO 2 years ago. I think in Year 2006. OMG! So long ago. But luckily I still manage to finish it. The yarns I used is olympus silk bijou cost me a bomb approximately $20+. Overall it is quite a nice experience. Would attempt to crochet a few more items in future.

Closed up of the pattern

Pattern: From a Japaneses pattern book
Yarn used: Olympus Silk Bijou
No. of balls used: 6 balls
Time taken: years...

My future

I make my decision.

I decided to submit my resignation today. It is a tough decision. Mainly because of the nice colleagues I had. They are friendly. As for boss, I found him still alright just quite lack of direction. *sigh*

I still remember the first day I joined my company. I had to work till 9pm. I feel so upset and days went by. Stay in my first project for 1 and half years. Make a lot of friends and went through alot. A lot of my project mates left leaving only 3 of us now. Missing those days now.

I think I shall not waste time anymore. I need to learn more stuff and gain more exposure.

Pray and hope that I had a better future. I must work hard.

*Think I would had slow down my progress in knitting after I join my new company. I need to get my confirmation first. But meanwhile I should knit more during my notice period. Heheehe..... Jia You!!!!!!!*

Monday, January 07, 2008

Winter Knits no. 2

Happy New Year to all!

I initially want to blog about my bd and Christmas pressies first. But I had no time to upload the pictures yet. Hence I shall blog about my winter knits no. 2 first. I actually completed this FO in Year 2007 but I hadn’t got time to update it yet. Yeah another one more items for my winter holidays soon. 2 and half more days to go!!

Striped Toe up sock

Pattern from wendy knits.
Yarns used: 1.5 balls. I got the yarns from
the Singing Yarn sometime back.

Time taken: Less than 1 month

Luckily it turns up to be fine for me although it is a bit big. But still can wear it. I actually prefer my left socks the one ending with brown. Well lazy me what to say. Sighz!!

Think my new year resolution should be to become more hardworking. :)