Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My special day

It marks the day where I passed my mid of twenty, another phase of my life. It makes me ponder more about my retirement. Should we try to save more money and grow more money so that we can retire earlier? Work is such a routine job. Maybe I should consider switching soon. Opps…

My day started off with a nice lunch at jacks’ place. As Hb says the other day that ”it’s a long time since we lasted went to Jack’s place to eat”, hence I decided to treat him with lunch there. The price is pretty reasonable. Both of us had a grilled fish set (consists of soup with a slice of garlic bread, the grilled fish, a slice of cake and a cup of tea). It costs me less than $20 for 2. ;) *No pixs taken for this*

Then we head off to kinokuniya. I intend to get some knitting books. BUT I end up with some fashion magazine instead. We also went to borders but did not manage to finish any books tat I wanted. Really wondering is knitting really that popular nowsaday or there isn't any demand for the books anymore. :( As it was raining super heavily, we went to the MacCafe to drink cappuccino. Enjoy the cool and wet weather.

The sky was so dark. But it was still a happy day for me.

Before we head off a dinner, I had a surprise gift. A wallet .

Dinner is at The line at Shangri-La hotel. The variety of food is good and the price is definitely good too. As the place is not really that easily accessible, I thought that it would not be crowded who know the place is almost full. Luckily I keep reminding hb to make reservations. The deco of the place is very nice with white and orange color. The cakes and pastry look super nice.

This was just a portion of the dessert. :)

We ate for about 3 hours before we decide to go home. Note: The table besides us had already served 3 different groups of diners. *LOL* It was still raining when we headed home. Although it is a raining day, my day is not gloomy at all.

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