Saturday, October 04, 2008

Last Seen

*sighz* These UFOs are going to be frrrrrrrrrrogged..... i think... or maybe I should think of ways to rescue them...

(1) Purple Bolero
I had completed knitting with this sometimes back. However, when I wanted to start hiding the seams i realised that it is too big for me. The measurement across is 46". Sighz... really beyond hope...

(2) Bumble Bee
This UFO had been around at least for the past 2 years. It is one of the projects that I co during my knitting lessons. OMG!!! So long. One "hardworking" day, I decided to clear my ufo but I realised a problem -- all the seams are not aligned no matter how i arranged them :( No choice. Well I had found a replacement pattern for these yarns ;)

It's a colorful world :)

Although I hardly put on makeup, I like to buy them especially when I saw the colors that they had. Hence I decide jump on the wagon to buy this 78 palettes when I saw it on the spree :)

Time to brush up my makeup skills.