Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Goong S - Prince Hours

I am having korean drama craze recently. Have been buying korean drama and start to watch them recently. I just finished watching Goong S - Prince Hours which is something similar to the Princess hours. The bears bears in the drama are so cute. The bears are actually display in teddy bear museum in Jeju island. I want to go I want to go. But it would take some time.


The Queen (played by Myung Se Bin) is in her early 30s but still unmarried. Because of this, in a condition where there cannot be a reduction in the number of successors to the throne, the present prince (the 1st successor) suddenly leaves the world and leaves a vacancy in the line of successors.

So they go out to find the secret prince and finally find Lee hoo (played by Se7en), who has been living outside the palace.

Lee hoo is the son of a prince and his mother who died early, had departed with his father and left the palace, hiding the fact that she was already pregnant. He does not know that he possesses royal blood and has lived, working as a delivery boy at a chinese restaurant.

Although usually, he has wang ja byung (?) (prince disease), he had never dream of entering the palace and receiving royal lessons.

Lee hoo, the unbelievable no 1 successor to the throne and the perfect Lee Joon (played by Kang Doo) will bring tension to the drama as they fight over the position.

After Lee Hoo enters the palace, an important place will be the royal academy. It is a place for members of the royal family as well as descendants of wealthy families.

The drama will also be about the romance between the characters.

Meanwhile knitting is still undergoing while watching the drama serials. :p Moving on to watch fantasy couples now. Would update more on knitting soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A delay post on Cup cakes KAL

This is really long overdue post on cupcakes. I had been busy and lazy to update this post. Sorry gals. Here are the cupcakes that I had received from Yun. Aren't they (yam cupcakes) lovely and looks yummy? *blink blink*Besides that I also received cupcake from regg. Cupcake with chocolate icing my favorite.
Here are the two cupcakes that I had created for Windloop.

Along with the two cupcakes are some simple stitch markers that I had made.
Just cannot get the pixs right.

Btw I found this cute little angel cupcakes from the woman weekly magazine. Seems like cupcakes are in trend now. Yeah Cupcakes!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Yes I am still in the process of recovery NOT yet recovered. My ears are still a bit blocked but better that last two weeks especially after those giddiness that I experienced. It was the most terrible ones. The world just seems to spin and I dared not that escalator on my way back.

Luckily I feel better now. But ears still a bit blocked. Hence I try to restrain myself from taking any spicy food and deep fried food. Hope I would recovered soon.