Monday, March 26, 2007

Like a Bee

I back from my hk holiday trip last wed. I really had a great time. Shopping and eating and eating and shopping. No defects fixing and no user manual. I bought quite a no. of stuff and that includes yarns, needles and a jaeger pattern book. This trip is definitely expensive but I hope to go back next year for the shopping and food. Think my yarns count definitely exceed the 200 line now. Opps.. I would post up my trip hopefully by this week as I had 600 over pictures to sort.

Once i started work on friday, I became a bee. so busy. I had to rush out 4 user manuals and resolved my critical and high defects all the today. Besides work, I meet up with my knitting buddies on sat. we had a great time, knitting and chatting. I received lovely pink roses from r. Thanks gal. The roses are now sitting in my lovely pooh vase.

By now, I had completed 1 major user manuals and resolved my critical and high defects. 3 more user manuals to go. Hope I can finish today. I don't want to sleep late again. *I sleep at 2+am yesterday. Now my eyes are half close.*

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I attended a ROM today. It is not the first time i attended a ROM but it is definitely the first time i attended an outdoor ROM ceremony. The place is nice and well-decorated with a lot of effort I would say. Balloons, ribbons, flowers.... It adds to the ambiance.

The ceremony really remind me of the vow that I made 3+ years ago. The few simple yet meaningful sentences that we need to fulfill till the end of life. I would say not easy. But the effort made is definitely worthwhile. The process is memorable too.

Last but not least I sincerely wish Mr & Mrs H a happy everlasting blissful marriage.
Once again, Congratulations!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Being someone whom like to hand made stuff, I appreciate and do love to receive handmade gifts. Here are a few of the handmade gifts I had received.

Presenting Ms Piggy and Ms fishy - these are the gifts that I receive from my knitting pals :) Thanks pals

Purple cable bag - this is the item that my swapper made for me for the craftster swap. Most importantly it is my fave color and it definitely goes well with my jeans

Along with the cable bag are 6 balls of Jaeger siena in red - a yarn color that I do not have.

Note the picture only show 5 balls of yarns that mean I had CO another new project using this yarn. Meanwhile I would not say what project is this until I work more of it. P/s I had frogged more than 5 times doing this project over the weekend. Argh!! Hope it is going on fine now.


Here are some beads related items that I had made :P

925 earrings with sparkling ball - something for dinner or evenings

Rose bead with crystal that I can match my casual clothes

Pink stones with crystal (this is actually a Christmas gift that I made for my friend)

Oriental looking stitch makers that I made for my SP9