Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time to do some planning

Although it is going to be mid of Jan 2007, I think it is still not too late to make some planning for the rest of the eleven months in 2007.

Similarly we are going to attending quite a number of wedding dinners this year and most importantly a number of them are our close friends. Congratulations and best wishes to all!! I would need to start to save money liao and also plan about my career.

Wishes for 2007
- Everyone is happy my family members as well as my friends
- Strike lottery. :)

I also hope that I would be spending more quality time with my family members and friends.

As for crafts, I had a lot of items on my to-do list.
But the top 10 items on my to-do list are:
- A simple bag for my friend's birthday
- Diamond Fantasy Shawl
- Lotus Bossom tank
- Hb's vest
- Clapotis
- Mum's shrug/cardigan
- Ruffles bag
- Complete my green tank top
- Complete my crochet shrug
- leaf-T

I had took out 3 ball of different to start on my projects. :)

Besides knitting/crochet, I also do other crafts like jewellery as well. On top, I am trying to pick up clay now. Well I just simply love to do pick up new skills for crafts. Yeah!

As for family planning (which a lot of friends and relatives are asking me), just let it takes its own course. :)


joy said...

It's great you have a plan for all your projects to keep your focused; I'm easily distracted myself. ;-) And good luck with the lottery!

bluey said...

thanks joy. I also get distracted easily. I had started to eye some project in IK spring.