Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Review of summer knitting goals

Below is the list of summer knitting goals that I came out with several posts back. It is time to look at them now. Hopefully I can achieve my goals.

(1) To complete my Diamond Fantasy Shawl - Done. Yeah!!!!

(2) To complete my Bolero - So sad my left front and my right front pieces are of different length. I would need to redo my right front piece.

(3) To finish at least one side of my redgina - Moving toward my goal now. 15" as of yesterday.

(4) To start my clapotis - Yes I started doing clapotis using a black acrylic yarn. I would try to post up some pixs soon.

(5) To complete my socks - Still in freezer.

Seems like my goal I still need to put in some more effort for my goals.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just in time

I just manage to finish my Diamond Fantasy shawl for my friend's birthday. Before blocking, it looks super small to me despite that I had done 7-8 repeats. It looks bigger after blocking. Hope it fits my friend.

This FO isn't mistake free. It is fill with mistakes. I had tried to rescue them in order to make it better looking.

Yarn used: Zephyr Wool Silk - Ruby
Amount: about 2 oz
Needles size: 3.25 mm

Friday, June 01, 2007

Stuffs from Hong Kong

Friends had been asking me about what stuffs did I bought from Hong Kong. Here they are. *Keekee* Frankly speaking this trip is the most expensive trip in term of the money that I spend on shopping itself. But I enjoy it. *LOL* I will be back.

Unpacking my luggage. It is in a big mess.

Yarns!! A total of 40 balls. Some are gifts. :p

A jaeger pattern book

Addi needles. I love them.

Fashion Magazines

Items from Disneyland. They cost me a bomb over 200SGD

Cute Little Pins

Bracelet for my mum and earrings HB bought for me.

Items from ocean park. Nothing much there to buy.


6 pieces of Tops. 5 for me, 1 for mum.

7 Bags. 6 for me, 1 for MIL

Home Sweet Home

Day 5 : Home Sweet home

For Day 5, there isn't much activities except for my last min shopping and food as well.

This is my fave food that I ate in HongKong. Yes it is japanese sashimi. Given the price the service and the quantity it is definitely worth it. No wonder there was long queue at the shop everyday.
Noodles SGD$2 each
Tim Sum buffet at SGD $9 at Xiao Yang Er restaurant after 2pm

A packed day

Day 4 : A super packed day

Our day 4 in Hong Kong was a very packed day. It differed from my planned itinerary quite a lot as for the past few days we had been spending more than time then we expected.

Itinerary for the day : Ocean park, The Peak and Symphony of Lights

We had our breakfast at KFC before we headed off for Ocean Park. The breakfast menu at KFC is super longed. It included porridge, macaroni, bread etc. We had chosen a set that comprises a bit of everything.
My KFC Breakfast

Ocean Park
took Citybus No. 629 Terminal near Admiralty MTR station. It is a park with rides, games, aquarium exhibits and performance. The park is divided into two portions low-level and high-level. They are linked by cable car (a bit scary).
We did not manage to watch the performance as it was very packed and people were pushing around.The scenario is nice but *sighz* Most of the time people were just snatching for places even the food sold there were sold out at 3pm.

Ocean Park Entrance

Flamingos - It remember me of our Jurong Bird Park
Pacific Pier - shows sea seal, sea lions and others
Pictures of the aquarium

The Peak
We took the peak tram up. The slope up is pretty steep. There was a portion that is like 45 degree. It was really a good and interesting experience. The view at the peak is magnificent. The air is fresher up there too. How I wish to have a house there!
History of the tram
An Icon of the peak
The Tram

View from the peak
I took this pix on top of an open top bus. Found this pretty funny as all the people in the taxi queue are dressed in black coat *Power coat in power color*

Symphony of lights
Finally we managed to catch it before we going home. Frankly speaking I don't find it special at all just with a bit of music and some laser. Hong Kong night scene is already very nice with those music and light.

Night scene of Hong Kong