Saturday, January 27, 2007

Last FO of 2006

I finished my Icarus finally in 2006. However I just block it recently. It took me quite some time to block it because of its size.

Pattern: IK summer 2006
Yarn(s) used: JaggerSpun Zephyer - 4 Oz (with a quarter of less leftover)
Needle size: 3.25mm
Time taken: months ( I can't remember how long it took but it took month)
Take its bath

Pinning up

the shawl around me

The shawl folded into half


R a i n said...

Wow..simply amazing. Nice job!

Bee said...

gd job :)

icy said...

woah that's very nice

bluey said...

thanks for all the compliments :)

Jade said...

I agree, that's so pretty! I can't wait to finish a lace shawl for myself. All for myself!!!