Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First in 2009 :)

Happy Belated New Year to Everyone!

Hope 2009 will be a good year for everyone! May all our wishes come true !

I shall start my first post for yr 2009 on my xmas and bd pressies... Hope it is not too late to post them now. :)

Purple shawl & a lovely clutch

Lovely and hand made stitch markers - Can't bear to use them..

And also yarns... yarns n yarns

Remember in one of my previous post, I received as part of my first bd pressie, I kept it and unwrapped on my bd and it is some lovely yarns and a pair of Addi needles.

I also receive a super lovely bag from HB (still intact in the carrier) hehee and another purple top from my buddy. I had not taken photos for those items. Would try to find time to take photos of them....

Thanks you everybody... :D

Coming up, some photos on my weekend trip in Dec. OMG! I have not sorted out the pics.

*Update(s): Opps, one pillow and one bag are missing from the pressie. heeheh***