Monday, October 02, 2006

Yarn winding

I meet up with my knitting friends last sat (23-Sept). We had a nice time chatting and discussing over our projects and looking at the shade card. Planning to buy new yarns or planning to constraint myself to buy new yarns. *lol* it is always a 2 way things isn’t it? Hehehe

Beside that, I collected my zephyr (Lady slipper) from Karyn. It is definitely a nice yarn n colour too. After that, Karyn and I spent most of the time on yarn winding. Thanks to Lois for lending us the yarn winder and weighing scale. It was a fun and tiring experience. Imagine either one of us have to hold on to the cone of yarn cannot be tilted and the other one winding the yarn. Here are the end results. Aren’t they looked like pieces of delicious yummy cake? ;)

After the yarn winding session, I called GD and order a yarn winder immediately coz I having alot of yarns to wind. Heehehehe.

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