Saturday, October 28, 2006

New projects

Unable to resist myself from casting on. Two more new projects are added to my needles. Opps... They are rusted root and icarus shawl.

Rusted root
I bought this pattern from . It is a simple nice top that I think I could wear it out to work or on weekend. This is the first time and I attempting to knit in round. Everything is going on smoothly as of this moment. *Crossing my fingers* I am using Brown sheep cotton fleece for this top. It is nice to knit but I found that it is too thick after knitting one inch of it. But I decide to go ahead with it. At most I would wear it only in the Nov or Dec. :P Here is a peek of its progress.

The current length is alot more longer. Guess it still need another few inches before I can move on to do the ribbing.

This pattern is from Interweave knit Summer 2006. I fall in love with this pattern the moment I saw it. I am still on the boring stage of the pattern - the 6th repeat of chart one. But it is growing. Zephyr teal is used for this project.The yarn is so nice to knit with and I just bought more. If you are wondering how many yarns I have now, I have over 150 balls now. LoL which is sufficient for me to knit for more than a year I suppose. But I just can't stop. ;)


Bee said...

jia yu jia yu!!!

cant wait to see your version of RR :)

R a i n said...

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

I like the color, Icarus is on my list as well, but I having find the yarn that I like for it.

prettyknit said...

I like the color!! Icarus is on my list as well, but I have find the yarn for it.

bluey said...

To bee: I guess u have seen my version of RR. Think I need to shave off some fats.

To rain: thanks. :)

To prettyknit, thanks. Faster find the yarn and we can knit together. I still struggle with my last portion of chart 1.