Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hottest place in the town

Vivo city is now the hottest place in town. It is the largest shopping mall in Singapore. It has a very nice roof top environment facing Sentosa and with pools for kids to play in. Nice view!

This is the second time (24-Oct) we went to vivo city. This time round we went along with my MIL. The mall is super crowded. We jammed for 30 mins from the keppel roads before we reach there. The road was too small and due to public holiday many people are going to sentosa too.

This time round I aimed to visit the Fashion city (a shop that sells a variety of cloths at reasonable price) again. The last time I went I saw a lot of nice dresses. But I did not manage to get any this time round. The dresses do not suit me at all. However I manage to get a short sleeved shirt. *Grin*
Hb is saying that I do not need to buy any more clothes for Chinese new year.

We also went to the Vivo mart which has a gaint in it. Hb managed to buy 3M mat for our car at a very good price $53.90 usual price $89.10. When we were making the payment, the scan price was $89.10. We were shocked and wanted to cancel our purchase but the cashier say cannot. We were stunned and angry looking at the long queue, we proceed with our payment and went to the customer service for refund. Luckily, it was really $53.90. So do take note if you are making purchases in Gaint (I had encountered several times that the cashier's price were not updated.)

Beside the short sleeved shirt, i bought this.

Have been eyeing this for quite some time. Despite the u channel is airing now, I cannot make it on time to reach home to watch. Hence I decided to buy and there is a 10% discount for it. :)

Have a tiring day.


Kessa said...

Goong is kinda nice, even a little draggy at some parts (imho) I haven't been to Vivo City but I sure heard about it! maybe one day when this 'mountain tortoise' get down the mountain (bukit) lol..

bluey said...

think i goin to knit or fast forward for those draggy portion. LOL
ya u should go n take a look i love the open roof top. Something different from other malls. :)