Thursday, October 12, 2006

My first experience with blocking

Finally after weeks, I managed to push myself to block my swallow tail shawl. This was the first time I going to block my knitting FO. I decided to use the normal way of blocking. Put the shawl into warm water for 20 minutes. Then squeeze it dry using a towel. Then pin it on top of a towel and some board.

STS taking its bath in warm water

Pin out in my winnie the pooh towel

After one night, the shawl is dried. The pattern is more obviously now. However, the edges are still not obvious enough. The shawl is now softer after blocking.

Details of the pattern

STS after blocking the edges are still in a mess

Note: I had reblocked the edges using steam iron. Slightly better but seems like this yarn has super memory.


Lois said...

acrylic yarns has zero memory, most probably have to steam block it. i think i read this on the KC forum. go take a look.

bluey said...

i already try to steam block it again. The edges seems to be slightly better. Keekee I already gave to my mum.