Monday, October 09, 2006

Mid Autumn festival aka Lantern festival

Lunar 15th of the 8th month (6 Oct for this yr) is the mid autumn festival also known as Lantern festival. The moon for that night supposed to be full and round but this year I could not even see the moon it is super hazy. Argh!

As usual u would see a lot of stores selling moon cakes before the festival. This year there is a lot of new flavors like Strawberry yogurt, passion fruit etc. The passion fruit moon cakes taste super sweet like passion fruit candies. As usual I got moon cakes for my MIL and mum. For me, I bought my moon cakes on the day before last minute shopping hahah and I manage to get some offer ($14 for a box). Being greedy and tempted by the moon cakes, I end up buying more than I need. 1 box of big moon cakes ( white lotus , pandan lotus, red bean and chocolate), 1 box of yam moon cakes (this is my favorite) and 1 box of mini moon cakes (green tea and durian from my mum). So till now I still have some moon cakes at home.

Beside moon cakes, there are also lanterns for the festival. There are those batteries operated as well as those traditional candle lanterns. I love those traditional candle lanterns. This year, I bought 5 of them and send 2 to my brother (don’t know whether he receive it already or not) and 3 for decoration at home. Hahaha

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