Saturday, December 16, 2006


N72 is what I had for my birthday pressie. Thank dear I love the phone. It is a pink color phone. Hb has been doing researching on which handphone suits me more. My current handphone is giving me problems with the screen. Hence it is time to change one. After more research, hb think that I should have a camera that has at least 2MB as I had to take picture for my blog. With a good handphone camera, I would not have to take my camera around. Thanks dear thank you. I love the phone and I decide to name the handphone pinky.

I decide to take a pix of my icarus to show the progress. Here is it. Hopefully I can finish it soon. *Keeping my fingers crossed*


Sally said...

Pinky looks sexy and I like your Icarus blue too! Are you knitting the recomended size or going to scale it down?

bluey said...

Hi sally,

I am knitting the recommended size. Finally finally I had reached chart 4. :)