Saturday, December 16, 2006

New Workplace

Well I finally had moved or rather stationed at my client's place. I would say I really MISSED my previous client. LOL although the previous client place is rather inconvenient but it has a nicer working environment, better PC, has Internet access, using MSN is legal, free coffee etc.

NOW I had a not so good computer, a very small area for 3 of us to squeeze in and NO internet access. I had to forgo the idea of using MSN in office for the next few months or years but this is not the main issue. The main issue is that I cannot find any information whenever i need to and I might need to note them down and find them only at night.

Hmm, but there are 2 plus points of this client's place. (1) location is more central meaning i can meet up with my friends easier. But do i still have the time to meet my friends after work as the project goes on? I really don't know. (2) There is a cafeteria meaning I can go for tea break. yeah!!! Similarly i need to ask myself do i have the luxury or time to go? Sighz..

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