Saturday, December 09, 2006

I love purple

Thank you pal. I received my first SP surprise. I can now say I don't only like purple, I love purple. I LOVE the surprise. The wrapper, the yarns, the chocolates, the card and the letter. I love every bits of it.
Yes my pal is from Germany. I want to go there someday.
The surprise
The card to read last :)

The PURPLE yarns

Garnstudio's silke-tweed - It is so nicely tweed.
Lang new angora - super soft. I can't bear to knit it.
Yummy chocolate. Hb is eyeing them.
Silk blend Yarn dyed by my SP.
A new lovely card
linea yarn in tones of purple.

The parcel is just too lovely and beyond any descriptions. :) Time for me to think of what project that I am going to work on with them. I love PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE



Anonymous said...

You are very welcome :o)!

SummerCraftz said...

yummy surprise u have got! *envy*

Bee said...

what a plesent surprise after a long wait!!!
so envy!!

Kessa said...

Pretty pretty! Just in time for (an early) Christmas too. =D

R a i n said...

Wow, that's awesome. In the perfect colour too. I'm SO jealous, SO SO jealous hee hee.