Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Review of summer knitting goals

Below is the list of summer knitting goals that I came out with several posts back. It is time to look at them now. Hopefully I can achieve my goals.

(1) To complete my Diamond Fantasy Shawl - Done. Yeah!!!!

(2) To complete my Bolero - So sad my left front and my right front pieces are of different length. I would need to redo my right front piece.

(3) To finish at least one side of my redgina - Moving toward my goal now. 15" as of yesterday.

(4) To start my clapotis - Yes I started doing clapotis using a black acrylic yarn. I would try to post up some pixs soon.

(5) To complete my socks - Still in freezer.

Seems like my goal I still need to put in some more effort for my goals.


JL said...

wow so many !!

bluey said...

hehehe... there are more to come. LOL