Monday, June 18, 2007

Just in time

I just manage to finish my Diamond Fantasy shawl for my friend's birthday. Before blocking, it looks super small to me despite that I had done 7-8 repeats. It looks bigger after blocking. Hope it fits my friend.

This FO isn't mistake free. It is fill with mistakes. I had tried to rescue them in order to make it better looking.

Yarn used: Zephyr Wool Silk - Ruby
Amount: about 2 oz
Needles size: 3.25 mm


Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Its pretty! special colour! =)

Lois said...

its a Ruby Fantasy Shawl~ yay!!

R a i n said...

It looks gorgeous!

icy said...

this is very nice.. i dun think i have the patience for this.

bluey said...

thanks gals :)