Friday, June 01, 2007

Stuffs from Hong Kong

Friends had been asking me about what stuffs did I bought from Hong Kong. Here they are. *Keekee* Frankly speaking this trip is the most expensive trip in term of the money that I spend on shopping itself. But I enjoy it. *LOL* I will be back.

Unpacking my luggage. It is in a big mess.

Yarns!! A total of 40 balls. Some are gifts. :p

A jaeger pattern book

Addi needles. I love them.

Fashion Magazines

Items from Disneyland. They cost me a bomb over 200SGD

Cute Little Pins

Bracelet for my mum and earrings HB bought for me.

Items from ocean park. Nothing much there to buy.


6 pieces of Tops. 5 for me, 1 for mum.

7 Bags. 6 for me, 1 for MIL


JL said...


Michelle said... many things!! love the yarns and the bags!! and i think the mickey mouse pin is very nice too!! argh!! so jealous!!! i wanna go hk too!!