Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quite some time

It had seems quite some time since I last blogged about my knitting/crocheting process. But I am still into knitting/crocheting just that the progress is very slow. I would try to post something about them soon.
Here is one of my WIPs.

I was nominated by Regg for the Rockin' Girl blogger. This really makes me motivated to update my blog more often. Thanks gal.

Without further delay, I shall nominate 5 other gals whom I enjoy reading their blog. *It is so hard to nominate just 5 gals. There are some many nice blogs out there.*

(1) Earin - My SP9, I enjoy reading her blog on california, her sewing, her pets, her knitting projects and of cos her Friday candy.

(2) Doreen - She has great crocheted FOs.

(3) Doris - She has blog entries on her FOs as well as her lovely bb.

(4) Jennifer - my swap partner, she has great spinning skills.

(5) Mira - her blog is fill with nice yarns and FOs too.

May you had a great time reading their blog!


Dor said...

Thanks for nominating me to be the next Rockin Girl/Mummy haha...nice FO for your relative?

bluey said...

u r welcome.

Erm i afraid not wor. :)