Friday, August 03, 2007

My little toy

After 1 year plus , I finally decide to go ahead to purchase my little toy - Nintendo DS lite. It is a gift from my hb. Thanks you dear.

Have been pondering over whether to get DS lite or PSP (When we reached the store, it was fully packed the counter was full with people asking for prices or viewing the game console). I decide on DS lite as I like the outlook of it and the games that it had. Love the interaction using the stylus.
Thus I had less time for knitting now. ;)


alt.ayu said...

hehehe welcome to the club

ML said...

Wahhh.. i tot u already had quite less time for knitting. Now with this new toy, you really have lesser time :P

bluey said...

hi ayu,


hi ml,
ya loh.. but luckily hb is playing most of the time. kekek

R a i n said...

Ooo wow...I've seen these stuff. the risk of sounding very very DuMb..what games does this have?

bluey said...

hi rain,

hmm, it has quite a no. of games. the most popular one is Mario.

Now I like to play Final Fantasy Chocobos. It is fill with cute mini games.

icy said...

I am so tempted to buy these.. this is so popular in Japan.. can always find someone holding it whenever I board the trains.