Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tasks assigned!

Remember some posts back, my mum requested me to do a scarf or shawl for my relatives. But end up there is really a short of time. Hence the request is not fulfilled. However this time round, my mum assigned me another task. The task is to knit/crochet FOUR shawls/scarves for my relatives so that she can give it to them the next time she visit them which is going to be next year around march or april.

So I have a longer more time to knit this time round but more items this time round. So what am I going to knit for them. Hmmm, I had decided on two patterns. One is the black clapotis (yes, I am going to do another one for myself next time), another one is Montego Bay Scarf from IK summer 2007 (I had started a shawl version for myself). For the other 2, do anyone have any suggestions? I wanted something simple and nice.Of coz something that I can do it first. :)


Dor said...

I am doing a poncho too. Simple design and should go well for aunties =). Can see the pic in my blog.

R a i n said...

Oh cool, now you have enough time! How about the Shetland Triangle, it's very very easy and should be a superfast knit.