Sunday, July 08, 2007

Project Spectrums

Here are the projects for PS for the month of June / July.

The colors themes are red, black and metallics.

Redgina - an orangina in red
Finally I had completed one side of my redgina. It seems to take so long as I am using 2.5mm needles. I really start to wonder is my knitting really that loose. Well I had also cast on the other piece. Hopefully I can completed it before the next quarter.

I casted on this with an intention to have a shawl for evening purpose. However, it turns out to be a bit too small. Maybe because I used 3.25mm needles. So I thinking to complete this and give it out as a gift. It looks more like a scarf now.Coincidentally, the color of this shawl fall into the color theme for project spectrum for June/July.

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