Monday, April 02, 2007

Shopping Day

Day 1 of Hong Kong Trip

Our flight was 6.40am. This time round we decided to try out JetStar. By the time we reached Changi airport was already 5+am and yes we overslept abit as my planned time was to reach airport 4.45am earliest to get good seats. Too bad there wasn't anymore door seats for us. We had to squeeze into a very small allocated space for 3hours plus. Luckily the seat were leather seat so not that bad after all. No food and drink allowed in the plane as it is a budget airline they expected you to buy from them. Well, we had our burger king breakfast before we board the plane and for drink, i did brought along with me a bottle of mineral water. *grin*

After 3 hours, finally we reached Hong Kong.

Besides the transfer bus send us to our hotel. It went to Hollywood hotel to pick up some passengers.

On our way to the hotel....

The hotel that we stayed throughout the journey was Kimberly Hotel. Erm I forget to take pixs of the hotel.

Our first stop of the whole trip : Wong Tai Sin Temple. It is a famous temple in Hong Kong and there is a lot of people praying. We decided to go there to take a look and pray pray.

Second stop is to Fa Yuen street to look for my yarn shop. I even printed out the map. Hb was shocked when he saw it. Before we managed to find the yarn shop, we found something tempted.

Yes, steamed milk. One of the must eat item in our list. It is delicious. *dripping saliva now*

Shopping time

Shots hb took when i m happily shopping

Frankly speaking I don't really feel hungry at all. It was hb that kept on asking me to eat. My friend advise me only go into the restaurant when you see people eating. Hence we found this decent looking shop and had porridge for dinner.

Supper - Smelly bean curd.Hb decided to buy and try despite that it was smelly and it cost SGD$1+ not cheap at all. I try a small bite. Really smelly but once it is in your mouth it taste nice. Verdict: Worth trying!

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JL said...

There was no smelly bean curb cart during our last visit.

Ok, listen to you....die die must try next time if i c 1.