Monday, March 26, 2007

Like a Bee

I back from my hk holiday trip last wed. I really had a great time. Shopping and eating and eating and shopping. No defects fixing and no user manual. I bought quite a no. of stuff and that includes yarns, needles and a jaeger pattern book. This trip is definitely expensive but I hope to go back next year for the shopping and food. Think my yarns count definitely exceed the 200 line now. Opps.. I would post up my trip hopefully by this week as I had 600 over pictures to sort.

Once i started work on friday, I became a bee. so busy. I had to rush out 4 user manuals and resolved my critical and high defects all the today. Besides work, I meet up with my knitting buddies on sat. we had a great time, knitting and chatting. I received lovely pink roses from r. Thanks gal. The roses are now sitting in my lovely pooh vase.

By now, I had completed 1 major user manuals and resolved my critical and high defects. 3 more user manuals to go. Hope I can finish today. I don't want to sleep late again. *I sleep at 2+am yesterday. Now my eyes are half close.*


R a i n said...

Welcome back! Hope to see photos soon.

Regg said...

cant wait to see the pic..faster faster!

JL said...

Welcome back ! Glad that u had a wonderful trip.

Earin Marybird said...

New yarn! Needles! Sounds lovely. I hope you post some pictures soon. I'm glad you had such a good time but you always have to pay when you get back to work. Things just pile up so!