Thursday, March 08, 2007


Being someone whom like to hand made stuff, I appreciate and do love to receive handmade gifts. Here are a few of the handmade gifts I had received.

Presenting Ms Piggy and Ms fishy - these are the gifts that I receive from my knitting pals :) Thanks pals

Purple cable bag - this is the item that my swapper made for me for the craftster swap. Most importantly it is my fave color and it definitely goes well with my jeans

Along with the cable bag are 6 balls of Jaeger siena in red - a yarn color that I do not have.

Note the picture only show 5 balls of yarns that mean I had CO another new project using this yarn. Meanwhile I would not say what project is this until I work more of it. P/s I had frogged more than 5 times doing this project over the weekend. Argh!! Hope it is going on fine now.


R a i n said...

Wow thats some nice gifts you've got! You're a lucky gal ;o)

Anonymous said...

my best guess is .. orangina? there are little scallops along the edge... - aliciakatie (from craftster)

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention that i followed your post on rustedroot =). very pretty! -aliciakatie

bluey said...

hi aliciakatie,

u r right. it is orangina. But it isn't growing a lot. only at 1.5" i think. Hopefully I would knit more.