Monday, February 11, 2008

Japan 2008 Part 1

Hb & I decided to head for a Japan trip this year Jan for about 10 days - 7 days in Hokkaido, 3 days in tokyo. Not really a planned trip nor scheduled trip. So I now need to save money to recover the hole created. However, this trip is definitely one of the trips that hb n I enjoy a lot especially the snowy weather @ hokkaido. :) Would go back one of these days again.

A total of 738 pictures were taken. After looking at the pictures repeatedly, I decided to break them in some little parts and post them here. :) Don't really think I would resize them all and upload all - it would be a bit too much. :p

p/s: The pictures selected are random shots that I like.

Yokoso Japan @ Narita airport
First sight of hokkaido
A frozen lake -those little black/grey spots were actually stones

A view of Ainu village

Dried salmon - taste like rock
@Edo wonderland the famous ninja house
Fortune cat museum
Edo era food for lunch
First dinner @ hokkaido

Dressing in yukata
The depth of the snow is about 10cm?
One of my fave pix taken with snow man

Bears in bear ranch - the bears there are so cute. They would do all kind of actions for APPLEs..
Like the squarish lamp post
Showa Shinzan - an active volcano. Look at the smoke it is emitting
Lake toya - formed by volcano eruption

snow mobile cost us $200 SGD expensive but enjoyable
A beautiful scene along the route of snow mobile
A ice slide @ rusutsu resort - never try to slide down coz a lot of adult got stuck as the slide is make more for kids :p
All covered up really for snow sledding
A night shot @ rusutsu resort - so romantic

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