Thursday, January 24, 2008

My future

I make my decision.

I decided to submit my resignation today. It is a tough decision. Mainly because of the nice colleagues I had. They are friendly. As for boss, I found him still alright just quite lack of direction. *sigh*

I still remember the first day I joined my company. I had to work till 9pm. I feel so upset and days went by. Stay in my first project for 1 and half years. Make a lot of friends and went through alot. A lot of my project mates left leaving only 3 of us now. Missing those days now.

I think I shall not waste time anymore. I need to learn more stuff and gain more exposure.

Pray and hope that I had a better future. I must work hard.

*Think I would had slow down my progress in knitting after I join my new company. I need to get my confirmation first. But meanwhile I should knit more during my notice period. Heheehe..... Jia You!!!!!!!*

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