Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Crochet FO

Crochet was never my cup of tea. Maybe because I am a left handed and had to read the instructions in a reversed direction.

But being a knitter, I thought i should try out crochet. I started this FO 2 years ago. I think in Year 2006. OMG! So long ago. But luckily I still manage to finish it. The yarns I used is olympus silk bijou cost me a bomb approximately $20+. Overall it is quite a nice experience. Would attempt to crochet a few more items in future.

Closed up of the pattern

Pattern: From a Japaneses pattern book
Yarn used: Olympus Silk Bijou
No. of balls used: 6 balls
Time taken: years...


Mira said...

wow..that's nice..i'm trying to figure out how on earth do you crochet with a left hand...does that mean u crochet on the wrong side?? hehe..

bluey said...

Hi mira,

ya sort of.
sometime need to read the instructions in a reversed order oso. It is pretty challenging. :)

alt.ayu said...

Wow this is very nice!! I'm glad you managed to finish it despite the challenge. I can't even crochet anything more than amigurumi hehe

JL said...

Late is better than never !

Love it, very nice and good choice of colour too.

Doreen said...

Turns out so lovely. You are great doing crochet with left hand, if its me I wont be able to do it, too complicated :)