Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter knits 1

This is my winter knits 1 -- Midwest Moonlight scarf from scarfstyle.

I had been eyeing to do this scarf since I first saw this pattern. But no really valid or rather good reason for me to knit a scarf for myself. Haha but this time round there is a very valid reason. *grin* The pattern is a simple pattern easy to memorize.

Details of the scarf

Time taken: less than 1 month
Yarns used: some wool from china (The color actually bleeds *urgh*)
Amount of yarns used: 400g
Length before wash: 65"
Length after wash: 76"


Annie said...

Nice scarf! like the colour too.

JL said...

Nice scarf.

opportunityknits said...

Lovely lace - pretty colour too! I find that most dark yarns bleed.

Regg said...

nice :D

bluey said...

Hi gals,

Thanks for the compliments :)

so far this is the yarn that bleed most. :(