Monday, December 31, 2007

Knitting resolutions!!

Before the year 2008, I guess I should make knitting resolutions for year 2008.

Most importantly, clear as much WIPS as possible.


1) Bumble bee – It is a stripped cardi, almost completed it but I lack on one ball of yarns so now I thinking what to do with it. Should I frog?

2) Clapotis

3) Scarf

4) Pink tube – it is 95% completed but I need to either add in rubber band at the top or crochet trimming for ribbon to go through

5) Crochet bag

6) Redgina – plan to completed before CNY

7) Bolero

8) Hb’s sweater – running out of yarns soon. Argh!!

9) Wicked

The list just doesn’t seem to reduce at all. Think I need to knit hard. Not forget my To-do list is growing at amazing speed too.

For 1st quarter of 2008, I shall target to complete Hb’s sweater, pink tube, redgina and bolero. Still tune and hope I can achieve my target.

1 comment:

R a i n said...

Happy New Year and good luck in reducing the WIP list!

Am so glad you're doing okay as well after the accident.

God Bless you!