Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ears Blocked

Sighz don't know what really happen to my ears. It just got blocked when I woke up yesterday morning.*Maybe my ears are having monday blues*

Had visited the doctor.

Conversation between me and doctor.

Me: My ears are blocked since this morning when i woke up.
Doc: Are they painful?
Me: Sometimes
Doc: Did you had any incident with your ears?
Me: No
Doc: Did you recover from flu?
Me: No
Doc: Did you recover from cough?
Me: No
Doc: Did you recover have fever or feeling giddy?
Me: No
**Perform some check with my ears**
Doc: one of the tubes got blocked. similar to taking planes. As to why it happens, i'm not sure. But you should recover within 2-3 days after taking the medicine.

No conclusion from the doctor. But it still seems to be the same after one day. Understand from Yun that it might happen for quite sometimes. OMG!

*Pray Pray* hopefully my ears would be unblocked soon.


windloop said...

oh dear...hopes after the medicine will be alright. by the way, you cupcake looks good..hehe

Annie said...

Hope you'll get well soon!

JL said...

How's yr ear now ?

Regg said...

get well soon

bluey said...

hi gals,

my ears are still blocked. Hopefully it would get well soon.
thanks :)

icy said...

quite jialat ah, no reason stated why that your ears are blocked??

bluey said...

hi icy,

went to see another doc.

No confirmed reasons given. Juz told me that it could be due to flu/cold.

Had took all the medicines but still seems to be the same. hopefully will recover by itself ba. Trying to take more liang cha now.

R a i n said...

Are you feeling better now? I hope so gal. If not, get well soon.

Also....you've been tagged!!

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