Sunday, September 16, 2007

Donuts Craze is over

Yes no more donuts for this post. It is all about Cupcakes now. After browsing thru the internet for cupcakes we (Regg, Yun and windloop) had decided to start at KAL and we are going to exchange our cupcakes end of the month.

Here are my initial attempts. Unsuccessful batches of cupcakes, don't even get to see the base completed. *sigh*

Finally I got it right at least it looks like some out of shape cake now.

Of coz I would improvise my cup cakes before the deadline comes. :)


Annie said...

Jol, you are so generous to put so much icing on your cupcake! :) nice cupcake! hope to see more coming up.

JL said...

Choc cupcake, yummy !

bluey said...

hi annie,
maybe is the way I took the picture. :)

R a i n said...

So cute =)