Friday, May 11, 2007

5 days

Yes that is the duration that I am given to knit a shawl or scarf for my relative (tasked by my mum).

I am still thinking whether i should start knitting on or rather tell my mum that I cannot finish on time. How how!!!

shawl or scarf? scarf or shawl?

what color? what yarn? I think wool should be ok. But should i ahead to CO? What if i cannot finish on time? *pass to them next year* *grin*

Think i need to think through first but time is really ticking. I already had 10 WIPs..... *faint*

*Thanks gals for all the comments and feedbacks. However before I can decide, the relative changes their schedule. They reach here on the last Sunday. Hence I decided not to do it this time round. Maybe next time when i visit them. :) *


SummerCraftz said...

wah... 5 days for a shawl seem a bit hard... going to be 9 wip soon... yr bolero is progressing fast! :>

R a i n said...

Oh my! I think you better CO for a scarf and not a shawl. I think you will be able to finish in 5 days ;o)

JL said...

Any planting yet ??

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Definitely go for a scarf! CO with larger needles and you can finish it in 5 days for sure! =)

Regg said...

u r super fast on the bolero! wait for me wait for me!!