Sunday, June 11, 2006

Madly in love with knitting

For the past one month, i have been spending most of my time n money on Knitting. My hb was saying that all i know was knit n knit n knit.... :P Thk i would start to work on his vest after I had completed my brother sweater ba.. (Dear, pls wait for a while hor)

Here are the pixs of the new items that I got.
RY Luxury Cotton yarn (went to GD to exchange) I love this becoz of the two tones of white that it has. Planning to knit honeymoon cami using it but discover the instructions r to knitting in round. SO IT WOULD BE PUT ON HOLD.

(Knitting design, I fall in love with this book when i start to flip thru simply love the design, u know wat i cost me $40+ even after 20% frm Kino)

Catania green yarn, i bought this frm Emy. Nice color yarn initially i do not like this color based on the yarn card but after some advise i decide to get it to do a cable tank top. Hopefully some I would start to work on it.

Complimentary book n magazine frm hb (Thanks dear)

Getting a crochet book means that i would be starting to learn crochet too soon but when????

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