Monday, June 26, 2006

3rd year old (24-Jun-2006)

ROM for 3 yrs liao... time really flies....there are ups n downs during all these yrs n each events actually made me feel closer to my hb n try to be more understanding....

I have been planning hard to celebrate this occasion but guess wat hb needs to work n he works till 10+pm. :( nvm at least we still have a nice steamboat - those charcoal kind dinner at the coffee shop nearby.

Here is my suprise gift (note the big difference btw the ideal one n my one - mine looks so orbit but tat the best i can do liao... dear paiseh hor :P) . Here is "Wang wang" the little puppy. I had been spending a long time trying to do this little puppy(coz the instruction is in Thai) n it took me 1 hour to sew one leg the first time round.

This is the one that i did.
This is the ideal one.

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Lois said...

its the thoughts that counts. imperfection means 100% handmade.