Thursday, December 15, 2011


Even before delivery, I knew that breastfeeding would be my challenge this time round a big challenge as I did not breastfeed my gal at all. This is totally a new thing for me. The effort in terms of physically and mentally is more than what I had thought of. 

In addition, the attention that my gal needs is also a strain on me. Luckily with my family support especially my hb n mum and help and also  my CL, I can still breastfeed my boy. However, what is in my mind is what would happen after my CL leaves. How can I cope with my gal whom  needs me when she sleep and wake up, nite feeds for the nb and expressing milk, I doubt I can do so. I would not be able to manage and the stress is piling up and this affects the milk volume.

After days of thought, i decide to wean of breast milk after my confinement, I agree it is not a very good decision or rather a depressing one as a parent I wan the best for my children. However, if I persist on and it affects me (physical and mental) that I cannot provide the basic care of my children what is the point of breast milk even with all the benefits it just make me feel worst. Hence for now, I shall just continue and slowly wean off. :)

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